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North Scott Blood Drive this Thursday!

Hey Students! This Thursday is the blood drive. The blood drive has been something the school has worked with multiple times over the years, and they’re back again to help people in the community. Why would I need to donate my blood, you ask? Well, Jill Dircks, the student government president, tells us that “People who have severe blood loss need that blood back.” The World Health Organization (WHO) also writes that blood is needed to help women who are having complications with pregnancy or even children with severe anemia. WHO also states, “The reason why there’s such a high demand for blood is that it can only be stored for a limited period of time before use.”

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of donating blood, let’s talk about how you can do your part in helping others. The slots available are from 8:30 am-1:30 pm, and you can pick out your time with this QR code.

If you donate blood, they also will provide you with a Saint Patrick’s Day-themed Shirt or a gift card. Jill Dircks writes that to prepare for donating you should eat good healthy food with lots of vitamins or anything that boosts your irons like lean red meat, or if you’re looking for a more vegetarian option, you could have beans, spinach, or tofu.

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