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North Scott Foods becoming Hy-vee!

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

The latest news in our community is that our local grocery store, North Scott Foods, is being bought out by Hy-Vee. In April, the North Scott Foods logo will be replaced with Hy-Vee's. Steve Grolmus the owner of North Scott Foods has decided to retire after 45 years of running the family business. North Scott Foods has been operated and owned by this family since 1979 yet Hy-Vee will soon be taking over. Steve Grolmus conveyed to multiple sources they have been approached by companies a number of times but it's finally time to hand it over.

Mya Ruyter thinks taking away North Scott Foods is taking away part of our community, while Elle Loehr explains North Scott Foods was a big sponsor for our community, and since Hy-Vee is a large business, it won't have the same connection

According to the Quad Cities Times, the present employees have been notified and will be offered jobs at Hy-Vee. So most employees will maintain their position yet, have a new administrator. In the Quad-City Times, Steve Grolmus states “You will continue to see the same friendly, hard-working faces as Hy-Vee will be retaining all of our staff.”

This is a huge step for Eldridge! We need more stores and restaurants in our town especially with all these new houses and neighborhoods expanding.

In our town, North Scott Foods is the only grocery store so this advancement of Hy-Vee coming in will hopefully bring more attention to building more general stores. However, this change upsets some citizens of our community.

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