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North Scott Special Olympics

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Special Olympics is a program at North Scott that allows students that are different to feel included within our school district. This program involves special needs students to participate in different types of sports like basketball, biking, relays, skiing, bowling, and track and field. Their goal is to do activities together of all kinds that promote friendships amongst all students. They will be starting up Spring games at the junior high in a couple months, where these Special Olympic athletes get to compete in track and field events. Spring games are a variety of events that are unified, where students of typical ability come together with a team of students that have disabilities, and they compete together.

This program means a lot to the kids with special needs because it makes them feel loved, included, and makes them happy to come to school. Even if it’s a quick “hi” in the hall when you see them, it means a lot. If anyone is interested in making a difference in these student’s lives, please check out PE with Peers, Art with Peers, and Treasured Tuesday’s that meet first period on Tuesday mornings.

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