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November Is National Veterans and Military Families Month!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Is anyone in your family a part of the military or was at some point?

If so, you have the opportunity to celebrate them this month!

November, or National Military Families and Veteran's Month, is the time to celebrate your friends and family who have served in some way for our country. From fighting in World War II to the more recent Iraq wars, there are many veterans in the United States!

Here are some ways to celebrate our past soldiers and military workers!

Show your support!

- Wear patriotic clothing

- Fly an American flag

- Tell a person in uniform "Thank you for your service"

- Place American flags on the veteran's tombs at cemeteries

- If you are into singing, sing the National Anthem at an event you go to (I sang it at a trap shooting meet for reference)

- Visit a veteran's business and post them on your social media

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Mow or rake the lawn of a retired veteran!

  1. Find people in your community that are retired veterans who need help with lawn care off of social media

  2. Ask them or their family if they want their lawn done

  3. Mow/rake their lawn and thank them for their service

  4. Post on your social media to get others to do the same nice deed

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Give back to the Veteran community!

There are many charities out there that would love your donations and time!

For example:

- K9s for Warriors

- Semper Fi & America's Fund

- The Fisher House Foundation

- Homes For Our Troops

- Wounded Warriors Family Support

- Hope For The Warriors

- Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

- and the Gary Sinise Foundation!

Show support through cards and care packages!

Just like any retirement home, retired veterans also enjoy cards! From drawn pictures to show support to long letters to start a string of conversations, they enjoy any support! It is an easy 5-minute task that can be repeated easily, and for our freshmen, that is an easy thing to do in FT or P6!

Drawing ideas:

- American flag

- Anything patriotic

- Cartoon soldier

Ideas for writing inside:

- "Thank you for your service!"

- "Your bravery and strength do not go unnoticed!"

- "Thank you for your sacrifice for our country!"

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Thank you for reading and hopefully, you do at least one of these ideas!

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