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Peeps have a chokehold on me

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Spring is the best time of the year. The temperature is warming up, flowers are blooming, bunnies and baby chicks frolic in fields or whatever. Most importantly, Easter candy becomes available. Chocolate bunnies, the little chocolate eggs, the pastel Easter version of M&M’s. And of course, the non chocolate favorite of mine: Peeps.

I don't think you understand quite how much I love peeps. They’re so gross, yet I can’t get enough of them. It’s just sugar coated in sugar, but something about them makes me so happy. I buy like three boxes a week. I will eat an entire box of ten Peeps in an afternoon. Mostly because if I leave them overnight, they turn to cement by the morning. But also because they are my savior. I’ve gotten sick off of Peeps. If I’m on my period too? It’s over for those little marshmallows. I eat them like they’re chips.

Peep’s come in a lot of colors and stuff. There’s the classic chicks, and you can also get bunnies (though nothing’s better than the original). Looking at the shelves, it’s almost a rainbow of colors with piles and piles of Peeps. Pink, yellow, blue, purple, and even green. Did you know there’s cotton candy flavored Peeps? Because there is, and I’m in love with them.

You might be asking, why? Peeps are so gross, why do you eat so many? Well I’ll tell you. Once April’s gone, then so are the Peeps. I won’t see them until next March. Then what will I get sick off of? Not Peeps, that’s for sure. I gotta enjoy them while they last, even if it means feeling like absolute garbage for the next two days.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 06, 2022

Dude, peeps are both the grossest and most amazing part of Easter.

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