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That’s Heart Warming!

In honor for his brother, marathon runner Henry Richard dedicated his Boston marathon run to his brother, who died in the 2013 Boston bombings. As he crossed the finishing line, the crowd cheered him on and he was embraced by his family. Martin Richard was one of the youngest victims to be killed by the Boston Marathon bombings back in 2013. He would have been graduating this year. The Richard family was standing close to a backpack bomb, which resulted in the death of Martin and the loss of his sister’s legs; she was 7. Henry Richard says he will be continuing to honor his family in the years to come by running in the marathon. Read about it in the Boston Globe!

What a way to end the week!

A Maryland elementary school teacher was having a rough week. Her husband bought her a scratch-off ticket to brighten her day. Robyn Meija scratched off her ticket and won $50,000 dollars! Meija has been teaching for 18 years and it finally paid off! Read about it here.

From Negative to Positive!

Within the last couple years, several conservative officials have focused on banning books in classrooms. These books are controversial and talk about many sensitive subjects, like critical race theory, police brutality, and sexual and gender orientation. Banning books may be considered bad, but one positive that comes from this is the new sparking interest book-readers have. Interests in these controversial books have brought in new book-readers, and exposes diverse literature among these readers. Readers are fighting back against the ban by forming book clubs and discussions over these controversial books. Read about it here!

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