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Prom Dinner or Easter Brunch?

Have you figured out what you’re wearing to prom yet? How about who you’re going with? Are you going to dinner first or spending the whole day getting ready? Will you make a TikTok of you transitioning into your prom fit? There’s a lot to figure out but luckily you’ve got plenty of time. Unlike North Scott, many high schools have already had their prom earlier in the year and their students’ prom transition TikToks have gone viral and caused chaos. 

Prom has traditionally been seen as the pinnacle of teenage formal attire, characterized by lavish and extravagant gowns – Alizabeth Swain of Distractify

You may have seen a video or two on your For You Page—if you are a TikTok user—where a girl and her boyfriend are getting ready for the prom and he ends up in a suit while she finds herself in a dress that has been coined “the Easter dress” for its sundress-y and casual appearance. It seems that the new prom dress trend in 2024 is more casual and floral print dresses than the usual floor-length, sparkly dresses that have been featured in this high school tradition for decades. You may remember growing up and seeing your big sister get into a prom dress so big and bright it needs to be carried so it doesn’t get dirty on the ground, or vacuumed after due to the excess shedding from the rhinestones and sparkles. This was the expectation of many class of ‘24 and ‘25 girls and seeing the new trend has some women claiming that these girls are “ruining prom” for everyone else.

One of the more popular TikTok videos, currently with over 2.7 million views, was by @bobby.roe88 where he posted with his girlfriend. They are seen in a parking lot with the video tagged “#prom2024” and the caption “I love prom” down below. In this clip, they are seen doing an extravagant transition where she does a flip in his arms, then transitioning into their prom wear, now in their home. While Bobby is seen wearing a messy gray and blue suit, his girlfriend is wearing a long, thin, white and blue tie-dye dress, typically seen at picnics or the beach. The couple allowed comments on the post and they were not pretty. Many users replied with things like “that’s such a cute beach vacation dinner dress” “awww yesss easter brunch” and “transition ate, that dress did not” under the prom post. The couple had no responses to the hate on their prom choices but this was not an isolated incident.

Videos are being posted all over the internet of girls going to prom in casual dress, girls making satirical videos of pretending to go to prom in sundresses, then girls commenting on the girls' outfits claiming that they have “waited 18 years to wear a big, dramatic dress to prom” and that the Easter Dress Girls are ruining that for them. The most likely explanation for this is the worry that this trend will make real prom dresses go out of style and not be welcomed at this high school dance. So, have you gotten your prom dress yet? Will you go for trend or tradition?

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Great article! This trend has definitely been an interesting one and I have been wondering what others think about this fad.

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