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Prom Overview

I attended my last high school dance this last weekend. I had an original plan to go with a friend, but he cancelled a couple of weeks before. I decided to take my friend, Zeek. We pulled up in our lilac attire, I wore the necklace my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother wore to their proms, and we were off!

Dance floor!

I'm not a fan of school dances as a whole, frankly. The last dance I went to was my freshman year homecoming (2019). I think they're overhyped, crowded, way too hot, and I would rather spend some alone time with my friends, but school dances bring out a part of me that I didn't know existed: extroverted Scott! I was just as hype as the rest of them, and then some. Zeek, junior Chloe Wye, and I all paired up and went to the top deck and breathed in the nasty Mississippi waters. It was peaceful and luxurious. After about an hour of just talking about life growing up and how things are going for us now, we decided to hit the dance floor.

Zeek Johnson and Scott Stoneking (12)

It wasn't as packed as it was at the start, thankfully. We assimilated in a larger group towards the back and danced our hearts out. I'm grateful for my dance partners and everyone that let me take photos of them. Before I knew it, we had docked. Prom was over, now it's time for post-prom.

Post-prom was a lot more lowkey than prom; nobody was dressed up, there was a taco bar, Sips drinks, oversized games, roulette, face-painting, cornhole, a hypnotist, and a prize area. They made sure everyone that attended post-prom was set. What was the best thing about post-prom? I got hypnotized! I didn't really believe in it at first, but now there isn't a doubt in the world. There were futons to win, Yeti cups, massage guns, TVs, and so many other things.

Nurse Jenna and Officer Jack

Overall, I loved prom! I loved prom so much more than homecoming or the eighth-grade dance. I appreciate everyone, especially Zeek Johnson, Chloe Wye (11), and Olivia Dies (11), my prom buddies. Thank you for such a memorable night.

Mrs. Skarich, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Dailey

Maddy Gabrielson and Dinesty Andersen (12)

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