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Roe v. Wade

What Is It?

Roe vs Wade started out as a right to privacy regarding medical decisions and to have bodily autonomy. The Supreme Court decided that the concept of abortion fell under medical privacy. Thanks to this, in 1973, abortion was legalized across the nation. This is also what makes it such a controversial case today because it affects the entire US under settled law (especially women and minority groups).

Why It’s Relevant Currently

The case was brought to the Supreme Court again in an attempt to overturn the original decision. The law that is attempted to be pushed is moving the fetal viability to 15 weeks (which is significantly less than the original: 24-28 weeks). Overturning of this policy would be a dramatic change for all Americans because it affects every state. If overturned, women would have to find different access to abortion earlier than 24-28 weeks. Some people have said that moving to Canada would be the best option for them if this goes into effect. To put it lightly, this is very huge issue that has the potential to flip flop the policy of women’s abortion rights. Only time will tell whether abortions will be legalized up to 24 weeks, or 15.

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