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Rover, Oh Rover, Send My Medal Right Over: Is Your Dog Show Dog Material?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022


Dog shows. So prestigious and preppy with only the most perfect dogs, or maybe not.

Is your special little Fluffy, Rover, or Oreo dog show material? If they meet the requirements below, your dog, with a lot of training and haircuts, could become a show dog!



Via PetXU

Puppies are so cute, but they are the definition of rambunctious.

If your dog is six months or older on the day of the event, you have passed go and collected 200 dollars, or I mean, your dog is not disqualified.

Recognized Breeds:

We all love our mutt-bred dogs, but you never know what they truly are. If someone asks what breed you have, you can always conjure up a response such as, "Oh, you know. He resembles a chihuahua but if it was two feet taller and long like a Daschund. But he also has a Pit bull face with big paws. I am pretty much saying your guess is better than mine."

On the other hand, the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not appreciate these Frankenstein dogs as much as we do.

Below depicts all the breeds that are recognized by the AKC.

Spayed or Neutered?:

We neuter and spay our pets out of love because accidental stray puppies usually live horrible lives on the streets. However, when it comes to the AKC show dogs, you want them all nat-ur-al.

AKC states that they do "NOT [want them] spayed or neutered."


Sick dogs are always the saddest. The social media videos of dogs with cancer always make me burst into tears. Sadly, these dogs cannot live out the rest of their dog years as show dogs because of health requirements.

Dogs who show in competitions are required to be in sound health and have all the vaccinations for their respective age.

Did your little old Fido meet all the requirements to be a show dog? Do you want to be a show dog owner anyway? If so, register with the AKC to become one!


Thank you for reading my article and good luck to you if you actually registered!

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