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Say Goodbye to our childhood theorist

Nearly two weeks ago, millions of fans received unexpected news: the original theorists who launched the channel The Game Theorist 15 years ago are stepping away. The journey began with Mathew Patrick, better known as MatPat, initially sharing his on-stage acting career but swiftly transitioning to game theories. On April 14, 2011, MatPat uploaded a video titled "Game Theory Promo," featuring a somewhat cringey preview of his upcoming content. Thus began the internet adventure of MatPat and his wife, Stephanie.

From its humble beginnings with a few hundred subscribers and a handful of views, the channel Game Theory has evolved into a colossal success, gaining 18 million subscribers and 4 billion views over its lifetime. With the expansion to four channels exploring various theories, the Theorist team has grown into a formidable force, consistently delivering engaging content each week.

For many, including myself, the channel has been a constant companion since a young age, shaping our experiences on YouTube.

However, on January 9th, a video titled "Goodbye Internet" was released, signaling MatPat bidding farewell to his loyal subscribers. The decision to step back stems from the mounting stress of daily research and video uploads, a struggle faced by many YouTubers in the past year.

MatPat explained that he and Stephanie prioritized their work for over a decade, causing them to miss the simple joy of enjoying games without contemplating the next theory. With a growing family, the Patricks recognize the need to spend more time with their child. Their departure is not permanent, however. MatPat and Stephanie plan to make periodic appearances on the channel in the future.

The responsibility of steering the channels now falls on the capable shoulders of the remaining Theorist team. Lee, a veteran member of the team for over a decade, will take charge of the Film Theory channel. Amy, who joined over six years ago and played a vital role in building Style Theory, will now helm the Style Theory channel. Santi, a Game Theory enthusiast who previously worked with Good Mythical Morning, will oversee Food Theory. Lastly, Game Theory will be entrusted to Tom, who fulfilled a dream by joining the channel after working at Disney and Fox.

MatPat expressed appreciation for each team member taking over a channel in a heartfelt message. As MatPat prepares to make his final video on March 9th, viewers are encouraged to visit the Theorist channel and catch his last few videos, marking the end of an era.

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