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School Shootings: The Reason for Gun Reformation

Content warning: School shootings, descriptions of gun damage to the human body.

The amount of mass shootings so far in 2023 is record-breaking. Can you guess the number? As of April 10, we have had 146 mass shootings in the US. This number is absolutely horrific. Within these mass shootings, around 95 of these are school shootings. Parents are horrified sending their kids to a place that used to be safe. They are adding bulletproof shields in their kids' backpacks, and giving them teary-eyed kisses goodbye, not knowing if they'll be alive when the final bell rings.

Percentages of how the suspect was related to the school

The ALICE training isn't good enough; the shooters aren't random people that won't know your school's safe spot. Just in 2020, over half of school shooters are/were related to that school. This shows that they're your students, your friends, your classmates, your kids. Cops aren't able to do enough for the kids in school during a shooting. One by one, we are being murdered, and the government isn't helping us. The most common gun used in school shootings? AR-15.

The AR-15 was created for the sole purpose of doing a lot of damage in little time. In what situation, other than a mass shooting, would you need an AR-15? I'm not suggesting to take away your second amendment, the right to bear arms. I'm suggesting to ban AR-15s. The gun rips apart your skin, flays nerves, destroys tissues, opens arteries, and kills a child in an instant. They cause far more damage than any other gun. When you're hunting, you use a rifle. Why? Because it's a one-shot kill. You want to use the deer for something, so you don't shred it to pieces. Shredding it is overkill, right? This goes for every animal. So why aren't they banned entirely?

We had one incident, coming up five years ago. I remember the date: August 31, 2018. It was the second Friday of the school year. I was in eighth grade. This is when I realized we weren't as safe as school told us. I went home in the middle of the day, as most students did, and a cop followed me to my locker. I'm unsure if that was out of suspicion for me, as my locker was very far, or to make sure I stayed safe. I don't remember the rest of the day, but I've been told I was silent for days. I didn't say a word to anyone. And we were expected to go back to school Monday, as if one of our peers didn't try to kill a teacher.

I'm not against the school for doing that, because this is such a new issue. What do you do after that happens? Nobody really knows. However, school shooters aren't stupid. They know you turn the lights off and hide in a strange spot in the room. The glass in our doors aren't bulletproof, like they said in elementary. We need gun reformation and we need it now.

Guns are so deeply intertwined with American politics. Republicans are the most likely to own a firearm, and they also are the most likely to say that mass shootings aren't a prevalent issue in America. Despite this, over half of Americans support the push for gun reformation, and nothing has happened.

Understandably, guns are used for personal protection; however, if they aren't in a safe spot, where children can't get to them, it defeats the purpose. The number one leading cause of death in children is firearms.

637 people have died because of school shootings alone since 1970. How many more before we finally start to prevent this? How many more before it's one of your friends, kids, students, teachers-- how many more before it's you?

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Apr 26, 2023

I ain't reading allat but its scott stoney so I KNOW its a banger 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Apr 21, 2023

August 31, 2018 has forever changed my life. I was there in that classroom and I am forever scarred by what I saw go on. Ms. Spring saved our lives. I am eternally grateful for her courage and bravery. But since that day, it's been a daily struggle to feel safe at school.

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