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Second Semester Overview

January 18th started North Scott’s second semester, and as students look forward to new classes, spring break, and of course, graduation, The Lance wanted to get more inside knowledge into 2022’s effect on the North Scott Lancers. Freshman Eren Simpson, Sophomore Elizabeth Samara, Junior Scott Stoneking, and Senior Alyssa Atzen talked to The Lance about their thoughts on their new semester classes.

With the new semester changing people’s schedules, students look forward to experiencing new classes. Freshman Eren Simpson said they were very excited to start 3-D art. Senior Alyssa Atzen said she was excited to start the CNA class—a registered nursing class offered second semester—and she looks forward to graduating like many seniors. Junior Scott Stoneking and Sophomore Elizabeth Samara are both looking forward to keeping their grades up and finishing the year out with a solid GPA.

Student Concerns

Although there are many positives to the new semester, there are also many drawbacks that students are focusing on. Every student interviewed was concerned about difficult classes, burnout, and balancing academics with their private lives. There are even concerns over COVID outbreaks at North Scott. Every student struggles with feeling burnt out due to school, keeping up with homework, maintaining good grades, and making time for work on top of everything else. Many students have different methods to keep up with their activities such as keeping a schedule, writing down their homework, and setting reminders on their phone.

Tricks to Help You Focus

Students can manage burnout by staying motivated and rewarding hard work. Like many seniors, Alyssa Atzen worries about slacking off due to graduation approaching, and Scott Stoneking is concerned about his job interfering with his academics and social life. For students struggling with balancing academics and private lives, look for ways to stay motivated. Give yourself a break by spending time alone or talking with others. Avoid starting homework the moment you get home, and do something you enjoy instead. Having a healthy mindset will help anyone finish this second semester out strong.

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