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See Ya North Scott!

sorry Hattie...she boutta be spicy I put this in here

I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of my last Lance article, so I decided to make it a bit of a hodgepodge! I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for The Lance this semester (everyone join the class it's super hype I promise). Speaking of which, I guess that leads me to my main point. If I had to give any sort of advice to underclassmen I would say,

Have fun in high school!
me cartwheeling across the finish line while Marin is dead in front of me

Join lots of extra-curricular activities and meet lots of new people, it’ll help you figure your life out! By joining both cross country and theatre, among other activities, I was able to find out who my friends were and what I truly loved to do.

Grades aren’t always the most important thing, it is equally as important to connect with your classmates. It is also important to be passionate about the things you do and recognize what is most important to you. One of my favorite things I did this year was sing within our choir; I chose to make singing of all kinds a priority this year, whether that be found within choir or theatre. Because of my newfound focus and priority, I have decided to keep singing in choir in college! The very same situation could happen to you all :)

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I would also say that it is important to find your people. Not everyone is going to like you and if you feel like you are working to make friends with people who don't appreciate you, try a different group! I am blessed to have made and kept some really great friends and I can say with confidence that they are the ones who got me through high school. Overall, you will make it even when you think you can't. High school definitely has both highs and lows--try your best to do the things that will make more highs than lows. I wish you all the best of luck!

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