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Serving up a Season

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Spring break, a time where everything comes alive with animals and birds coming back. And another thing, Lancer Tennis. Soon the tennis court parking lot will be bustling with people headed to the courts or the soccer field next door. But, what will the season look like for the Lancers?

To start, let's examine last season. The lancers barely went under .500 and had a varsity lineup of almost all juniors. This crew almost made it past regionals but fell short with hard losses in later matches. But for them the season didn’t stop after regionals, a nice summer made the tennis courts the place to be with hours of work going into this season.

With a better season on the horizon, I interviewed Team Spirit Leader Andrew Eichmeier to get his thoughts on the season and upcoming postseason.

So Andrew, what are some season focuses?

We want to get a second place finish in the mac after coming up short last season. There's a lot of work to come but the team is ready for it.

Thoughts on a better season record?

Last year was and uptrend in terms of wins compared to previous seasons, and with the returning talent we can definitely beat Bettendorf

Will returning talent impact this team a lot?

I think the returning players will bring experience that I think will show on the court this spring.

Postseason hopes?

I think we have a solid chance at getting into regionals and hopefully into the state tournament. From an individual match perspective we don’t have the best chance besides our boy Zach Johnson, and with a good bracket we really have a chance to put the Lancers in state.

The team sounds hopeful and hungry to improve this season. With their first meet against Central Dewitt rescheduled after the doubles matches got rained, Lancer tennis has their sights set on Pleasant Valley. While a win is doubtful, players want to play better by playing against a tough team. The meet starts this Thursday at 4:00 pm.

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