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Short News Stories

Global Warming Intro

Most people are breathing and consuming toxins in the air because of fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses. This gas comes from some human activities—such as transportation. All of these things contribute to why the earth's temperature has increased over a span of millions of years.The same toxins and plastics that are released into the atmosphere found in mountains and oceans are becoming transferred into food chains and blood streams. This affects not only our planet but the health of the people on it.Countries are working together trying to limit the activity that has been hurting our earth for a while and the living things on it. Hopefully, there will be success in the stability of temperatures and the hope of also getting rid of the harmful toxins.

Ukraine: Deadly Attack on Train Station

Recently in Ukraine, a report of a missle attack was seen on a railroad station that had unfortunately ended the lives of dozens of civilians. With the disturbance of the reports of children, women, elderly, and people with disabilities, it’s sad that the most vulnerable people were caught up in this awful attack. Ukraine officials are saying that as of Friday morning, hundreds, if not thousands, of people were all crowded in line to board the train for evacuation. Both Ukraine and Russia have blamed each other for this deadly attack that occurred.

Gun-Trafficking Moved Nearly 300 Guns from Georgia to Pennsylvania

On December 1st, federal agents knocked on many apartment doors searching for an Atlanta rapper who is a key suspect in this month's long investigation. They have been trafficking guns from Georgia to Pennsylvania. These agents have traced up nearly 300 firearms purchased in Georgia from dozens of gun retailers. Now people might think, why is it such a big deal that people are buying firearms? Well, agents say that they know for a fact that these guns are being used in crimes. These guns were traced back by federal agents investigating the case from fellow felons and found at abandoned crime scenes. This investigation is still ongoing and investigators state that the firearms purchased from these individuals are likely still on the street.

Death Toll from Philippine Landslides with Floods Rising to 43

More than 100 villagers from the Philippines were injured in landslides over the weekend into early Monday this week. With the police force doing everything they could do to help out they claimed that they were struggling with the mud and the unstable heaps of earth and debris to search for the missing villagers. However, thirty six of the dead were found and seven other people drowned in these floodwaters. This is a major issue because as rescuers are trying to help these people, all they really want to do is clear the area but the continuing rain and muddy ground make it almost impossible to clear the landslide areas to maintain a safe area for their villagers.

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