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Shows to Watch This Weekend

Updated: Feb 6

This is a list of a few shows that I think are worth watching, in no particular order (first one is definitely best though). Instead of going into detail about all of these, I’ll just give a short description so I can list a bunch, and so I don’t spoil anything.


A mystery show that starts with a kid going missing. It goes in a very different direction than Stranger Things. I won’t say anything else, to avoid spoilers, but I’d definitely recommend this one, it’s really good.

The Marked Heart 

This show isn’t especially interesting to me, but it’s in Spanish and can be useful for immersion (learning a language through just hearing it). It’s about a woman who gets caught up in organ trafficking. The story follows the woman who receives her heart.

Adventure Time 

You might have seen it as a kid, but it’s actually pretty good on a rewatch. It’s about a kid and a magical dog that has stretching powers, and they go on adventures.


This one is definitely on the longer side, having 121 episodes, but if you have the time, it’s a good show. It’s about a plane that crash lands on an island. The survivors of the crash have to figure out how to survive, and how they might be able to escape the island.


The “;” in there is actually a part of the title. It’s an anime about someone who calls himself a mad scientist, and he finds a way to send messages back in time.

The Good Place

A sitcom about a woman who dies and ends up in a place like heaven, called the good place. She was actually meant to go to the bad place, and ended up in the good place by mistake.

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