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Solving Your Date Dilemma-10 Ideas for A Stellar 1st Date

I’m sure you have thought about having a first date at some point in your life. Whether you have been on one or not, I have some ideas for you! Now, before you ask, these examples are in fact ranked by quality so the lower you get on the list the more doomed your date is.

I hope all of you get some inspiration from this list, so you won't fail on your next first date!

Coffee Date

Whether you like coffee or not, pretty much anyone can get behind a fun little drink. The vibes of a coffee shop are honestly unmatched! it isn’t too expensive but it is still cute. Another plus is that you guys could stay there and talk for a while or take your drinks elsewhere so you don’t have to feel stuck. Even better, you can meet there and solve the problem of transportation while also having an easy exit plan.


This isn’t a perfect idea for some people but I know that personally, I love it. Going on a hike would allow both of you guys to be active but also be outside and enjoy nature. It’s also free and can be done pretty much anywhere so that makes it very accessible!

Cooking/Making a meal together

Making a meal together

Alright, I'm not about to lie to yall and say that I came up with this idea all on my own. For two of my friends, Bella and Kate, this is their go-to—based on their stories, it’s a good time! Because of that, I decided to rank this one number three. There are some downsides to it, like it has to take place at one of your houses and sometimes the fam doesn’t need to be involved that early. You also have to get supplies for it and plan what to make sure it’s not really a spur-of-the-moment thing. It is fun to do though, and it’s fairly creative.

Going out to eat

Staying with the food trend, you guys could go out to eat! Yeah, I know I know, it’s basic! Well, guess what. I don’t care. There’s a reason that everybody does it! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and it’s easy to meet up somewhere. You also get to see if they will pay for you, so you get a pretty good read on them right off of the bat. Who knows, if it's going well you could even do something after—it’s your choice!

A group setting

This one is good because it takes the pressure off of you and the other person. You don’t have to make conversation, you can simply be yourself and have a good time! If you are an active person, you could play sand volleyball or something along those lines. If not, you guys could meet up at someone's house and have a movie night, or go to a drive-in.

Drive-in Movie

OKAY. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOR FIRST DATES! It’s a cute idea so I thought that it is worth mentioning but NOT if you don’t know the person. We all know that the drive-in comes with certain, ahem connotations, so that is why I would say proceed with caution or make sure that you are in a group setting!

Farmers Market

This one loses points because it can only be done in the summer. Other than that though, I’m all for it. I’m a sucker for a good farmer's market simply because of the vibes. It’s warm and you can dress all cute, most of the time there are also fun things you can buy and good food! It’s a win-win! Would I say this is the best for a first date? I’ll leave that up to you to decide— personally, I’m a little skeptical.

Going to get ice cream

I only know one person who doesn’t like ice cream. (I won’t name-drop because I’m feeling nice—if you ask me about it in person I will expose them) Other than them though, it’s a pretty safe idea! Now, don’t get it twisted. I’m not talking about hopping over to our local Whiteys. Go somewhere cuter than that. Bonus points if your date pays for you both!


Honesty, it’s pretty tragic that this one isn’t ranked higher because bonfires/smores are so hype. It did in fact lose some points because for the most part can only be done in summer and fall. This one is also better in a group setting but I would say that this could be a pretty safe first date!


Don’t judge me, I was reaching for this last one. 10 is a lot to come up with! I don’t mean painting in general, I mean like going to one of those pottery painting places and doing that together. I also don’t recommend this one for a first first date but maybe more like a tenth date. For you creatives out there, it could be fun! Let it be known though, it is pretty expensive and cannot be fired in the kiln that day, so you have to go back and pick it up later.

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