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Songs Created Overtime: Album Overview


"Songs Created Overtime" is my album of pieces of music I had composed over almost two years of learning and composing music. These are all original pieces created in my own time for no specific purpose--mostly for practice and just to make some good songs. This will be an overview of some of the songs in the album as well as my mindset while creating the songs.

Short Stop at the Coffee Shop

The first song in the album and one of my first songs I composed. This was my try at a more atmospheric song that has a specific vibe. This is one of the first songs where I sampled sounds, which for this song was to set the winter storm setting for the song.

Tunnels of the Depths

This song was one of the many songs where I used the instruments from Donkey Kong Country. This was made to have the feeling of exploring a cave where the raindrops and percussion are a major factor to that feeling.

Idolized Power

This song was made to be the main theme for my original character Crowne. It was also one of my attempts at making an instrumental for a lyrical song but that fell through (hence the lack of lyrics). This was also used for the stage theme in his Rivals of Aether mod

Low Stakes Lounge

This song was an attempt at making somewhat of a character select song. Its overall a very chill song, not much going on but still a fun listen.

Death Chase

This was one of my main attempts at a rock instrumental. It's very fast paced with heavy guitars and drums. Also includes a choir for added drama.

These are just a short sample of some of the songs in the album, I hope you give the rest a listen! You can find it on YouTube, Spotify, and just about everywhere else you stream music.

Please enjoy!

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