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Support Local: Iron + Grain Coffee House

My favorite thing in the world is having a fun drink. Nothing brings me more joy than having an iced coffee or energy drink to accompany me throughout my day. Yes, I do have a slight caffeine addiction—but drinking caffeine makes me happy so I don’t care. One of my favorite things to do is discover new local coffee shops. It combines my passion for having a fun, delicious drink AND supporting local businesses. This summer I discovered a new local coffee house, Iron + Grain.

Iron + Grain opened their new location on Main Street in Davenport in June. I was lucky enough to go the day they opened, and I absolutely loved it. The atmosphere was incredibly welcoming, and the coffee shop is located in an old bank, which gives it a very unique feel. They kept most of the elements of the bank, which is something I enjoyed a lot. They also have lots of outdoor seating, which in the summer is a must. The menu was the best part of the whole experience though. They had so many unique items on the menu, which made it extremely difficult to make a decision. They have a strawberry shortcake latte, butter pecan cheesecake latte, blueberry vanilla latte, strawberry streusel chai, and lavender lemonade. Obviously a hard choice to make, and that’s not even all the options. Eventually, with a recommendation from a barista, I ordered a french toast latte. It was simply amazing. It was the perfect balance of sweetness for me and was very smooth. Iron + Grain quickly became one of my go-to places to buy coffee.

This is one of my favorite coffee shops, and I’m sharing it with you all (no gatekeeping here) in hopes that you will try it. Supporting local businesses is so important and makes your drink so much more special than a drink from a chain like Starbucks. I genuinely believe Iron + Grain has something for everyone, including food (which is fantastic by the way, HIGHLY recommend)! I hope you find this review helpful and maybe even find a new local favorite.

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