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Tasty Cafe is Tasty!

Are you a morning person who loves a good breakfast with the bonus of good service? Tasty Cafe is a family owned business located right in Eldridge. This cozy little cafe serves breakfast and Lunch. Their breakfast menu includes foods such as a delicious Strawberry Stuffed French Toast to a simple plate of hash browns with a side of eggs that makes you crave for more. For lunch, they are most popular for their different types of sandwiches. Not into sandwiches? Then you're in luck because they also have an all you can eat soup and salad offer on their menu.

Honestly what I love most about this cafe is how their food literally looks like a work of art! With their foods neatly arranged and colors of syrups and fruits splashed on top of their food masterpieces. Everyone is also super friendly and welcoming to the needs of their new customers and the familiar faces that come in daily. However, They are only open from 5:30am-3pm so make sure to check them out before they are closed for the day, you won’t regret it.

Tasty Cafe is located at 209 E. LeClaire Rd, Eldridge, IA 52748

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