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Teachers Remembering The Class of 2023

As the school year ends, so is the class of 2023. All the seniors are stressed out trying to get their senior clearance sheet signed off so they can graduate! However, most seniors are excited to finally get out of here and start a new chapter in their lives. I sent out a form to the teachers “Remembering the class of 2023” asking what they will miss most about the senior class and what their favorite memories were. Several teachers responded with heartwarming statements(anonymous results).

What teachers will most of the senior class:

  • I enjoyed getting to know the seniors over the last year, and I will miss their consideration of others.

  • That there are some students who really are genuinely great kids and those kids sometimes get overshadowed by the other students. There are lots of really great kids who are going to excel in many ways; some not even related to academics.

  • I have really enjoyed getting to see how some of them think outside the box and are really great "movers and shakers."

  • I feel like I have a lot of connections to this senior class; I have coached many of them since they were in elementary school and will miss seeing them around. They are a very talented group, athletically and with the fine arts. Their impact will be felt for a long time to come.

  • I'm going to miss how lively they are! From their freshman year, these kids would come into class brimming with energy, and it made every single day interesting and fun. It's going to be a lot quieter in these halls without their spirit!

  • There are a lot of great people in this class. I will miss the conversations I've been able to have with many of them.

  • Watching this class grow up has been an absolute blast. I will miss their collective humor and all the ways they kept us entertained.

  • Overall, 2023 has good energy. I will miss them.

The teacher's most favorable memories from the seniors:

  • I have many memories of the seniors who wrote for The Lance. The class was difficult and demanding, but there was always laughter and good times.

  • Probably my favorite is associated with their junior year. I had many of them in English III and at the end of the year, after reading Fahrenheit 451, we did an escape room. I loved seeing how I saw a few really in different, more positive ways than I had seen before. There was some really great thinking and competing to be the first group to win the prize. This was the first time I had done an escape room, so I was nervous about how it would go, but because of the class of 2023, I will always incorporate this into the end of that unit.

  • Watching them get to the state semifinals in football and the accolades of the speech and LP groups in their performances.

  • My favorite memory with them is coming back from COVID their sophomore year and seeing how the time off didn't affect their spirits at all. They were so excited to be back and learning and didn't get discouraged at all with all of the changes.

  • Too many to count

  • Hard to pick just one. I really enjoyed this group - you're hard to let go of, class of 2023!

  • I will miss their fun, silly greetings in the hallway, their energy

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