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The Best and Worst Parts of Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming up, do you have your gifts ready? Make sure you know all the possibilities of these gifts, because they might not be as great as you think. Here’s the best and worst parts of Valentine’s Day gifts.

Candy and chocolate

The classic array of chocolates for your partner. This can be perfect… or the worst cliché. While sweet treats are nice, all you have to do is pick a heart package out from the wall of Valentine’s products at any store. The problem is that these chocolates are very impersonal. There’s always more you can do.


Flowers are another one of those gifts that could make or break the gift exchange. A fresh arrangement of flowers is a wonderful way to show how much you care, but only if you go about it the right way. To truly show how much you care, find out your partner’s favorite flowers and go the extra mile for them.

Stuffed Animals

You can never go wrong with stuffed animals, or can you? Listen, I love teddy bears, but personally, those ugly Valentine’s themed ones would never see the light of day if I received them. There’s definitely a right way to go about getting one. Again, a huge part of it is making it personal. Their favorite animal, or maybe it’s their favorite color. Relate it to an inside joke or experience you had together. Adding that part shows how much you care.


Giving jewelry only works if you know that’s what your partner wants. Do they wear silver or gold jewelry? Are they more of a necklace person or a ring person? Earrings are another good option. High quality jewelry is one of the most wonderful gifts that can last for a lifetime.

Matching Sets

Oh aren’t you two just the cutest together. Having a matching set of gifts to show the whole world that you two are the strongest couple. You could get pajamas, mugs, slippers, blankets, and so many more things. This is one of those gifts you pick out together though, just to make sure you both actually like the thing you’ll be using together.

Handmade Treats

This is how it’s done, something handmade to show just how much you care. If you put this much effort in a gift for one day a year, you two will be meant to be. Pinterest has tons of ideas, a jar of 100 reasons why I love you, or baking some treats. This is one of those gifts that they’ll love no matter what. This gift comes from the heart.

Hopefully you chose your gift correctly, and now your sweetheart will know just how much you love them, or don't love them.

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