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The Best NS Prom Looks

Jack and I!!

As most of you may know. prom was this weekend! This was my last dance in high school--as someone who has attended all of them it was a little bittersweet! Let it be known though, I was there for reporting purposes as well. I kept note of all of my favorite looks of the night to compile for you all! First up, I wanted to include an example look of me and my date for all of you guys who weren't at prom, and then we can start highlighting some prom fits!

Savannah and Connor-GORG

First up we have Savannah Skinner and her date Connor McMann. I first saw Savannah when we were standing in line to get on the boat and let me tell you--jaw DROPPED. Her dress has an open back of sorts, and sports a gorgeous green color that complimented her beautifully. What's more, it was four dollars. I was absolutely astounded when I heard this; It really just cemented her look as one of my favorite looks of the night. Connor complimented her very well as well, and I thought that the green that he was wearing paired effortlessly.

Halle and Jackson :)

Next up we have Halle Stephens! Now I have heard that this dress was on the more expensive side, but it absolutely looked worth it. At first glance, it appears fairly simple but after a second look, there is much more going on! The beading is very intricate and adds a pop that not all the dresses have; The silver beading on the top also falls to the slit, which helps accentuate it in a beautifully subtle way. I also really appreciated how Halle chose to wear black heels with this dress. Oftentimes with a black dress, girls will add a colorful heel--Halle's dress didn't need that! The black heels help to keep your attention on both Halle and her dress :)

Elle and Ashton!

Let it be noted, this is Elle's second time absolutely slaying at prom! I adored her dress last year as well--it felt very fashion-forward! Unfortunately, this article is only about this year's prom looks, you are just going to have to stalk her Instagram for last year's look! Elle's dress also had some sequins/ beading on it in a gorgeous teal color. Sometimes both teal and white can be dangerous colors as they skew towards tacky; Elle's was not like that at all! The neckline was fairly simple, but if it had been any crazier think it would have been too much. Overall, I thought the look was very trendy without being tacky. She pulled it off wonderfully! I'm not entirely sure what to think about Ashton's fit, I liked the shoes but I'm not entirely on board for the whole white look.

Carley and Cole!!

On a slightly different spin, I absolutely adored Cole Pearson's look, otherwise known as Carley Porter's boyfriend! He rocked a tan suit, with a sage green bow tie to match Carley's sage dress. Honestly, I'm a sucker for something a little outside the box and he absolutely killed it. Kate, if the suit color was your idea? I applaud you! Furthermore, I thought that Carley's dress was a light enough green to really make the tan suit pop, and both of them paired incredibly well together. You guys are one of my favorite couples :)

Luke and Matthew are also a good example of this!
He lowkey matches the American flag...

Staying on trend with appreciating the suit fashion, Keaton Braack was also one of my favorite looks. As a message to all guys without dates...Have fun with it! There are no pressures to match or expectations of someone else telling you what to do. Keaton is a great example of this! Keaton sported a royal blue suit that looked absolutely drippy--you could tell he was just having fun with it! He stood out from the crowd without looking tacky perfectly!


Back to the dresses, one of my favorite looks was also Grace Hamann! Grace is a very fashion-forward individual, so I was expecting great things from her for prom. She did not disappoint! Grace's dress is the only one on this list that had tiers, which I absolutely adore. She also accented the maroon of her dress with some show-stopping gold heels and gold jewelry. I also liked how she chose to do her hair in an updo- it helped to show off her more delicate jewelry. Overall, for a more simple dress, she really took it to the next level and made the whole ensemble particularly eye-catching!

You can't even tell that it was about to rain in this picture!

Next up we've got Sydney Westendorf. Sydney's dress sported the ever-popular corset look and it absolutely worked for her! I think that my favorite thing about the dress is the pearls on the straps, you don't see that too often! What really drew me in though is how she added the pearls in both her hair and as earrings. Pearls themselves are pretty simple and underrated, she really helped to bring attention to them in a way that I really appreciated. I also didn't see a whole lot of pale yellow at prom, so that was fun to see as well!

The bouquet...LOVE

Last but certainly not least for the students, we've got Isabella Van Roekel! Even from the very first time I got on the boat, I noticed Bella's dress! Her dress had a mesh overlay of sorts with varying shades of red, pink, and yellow flowers on it. Underneath this overlay, there was a gorgeous tan color. To go along with the dress, she paired the dress with some chunky earrings, which I am always a sucker for. I also can't help mentioning how well the dress complimented her skin tone. Tan can be a dangerous color to pick for a prom dress, but she pulled it off flawlessly. Finally, I think that Bella's makeup was also one of my favorites of the night, simply because it was evident that it was a prom makeup look but it still showed off her features very well!

Jorie, Hope and Mrs. Johnson!

I also wanted to highlight a teacher's look as well! Mrs. Johnson was a chaperone this year and she was offering extra credit for finding her at prom! Mrs. Johnson was wearing a red dress with the ever-faithful Birkenstocks--she was fashionable and functional! As a side note, Hope and Jorie looked absolutely beautiful as well. Overall, I would say that this year's prom was a great success, and everyone really showed up and showed out!

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