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The Breakfast Line Trouble

Free stuff—who doesn’t love it? Administration has been giving students free lunch since last year, and the decision was made to continue free lunch until the end of 2022. Free meals also included free breakfast which many weren’t taking advantage of. At the start of the second semester, however, there was a change—students started finding it extremely convenient to grab breakfast between periods, making the breakfast line more popular.

This convenience made the lunch line a high-traffic area after 2nd period. The line has been out of the door for the last two weeks and isn’t showing signs of getting smaller. Recently, and not surprisingly, there have been people using the lunch line to mess around. There have been reports of taking juice and making messes—the usual underclassmen mischief.

To combat these messes, the lunch line has changed a little. New policies, like moving the snacks back so that only the lunch lady can grab them, were put in place and slowed down the line just a smidgen. Sometimes, there is another food service professional just to look over the line. But, to really dig into this student body problem, we chatted with some lunchroom staff.

We talked to one of the food service helpers, Lori Feldpausch, and she gave us insight into how this useless theft could cost us a lot more than just a juice box. Feldpausch informed us that, although only simple juice boxes have been stolen, the manager is very upset. Feldpausch said that if the theft continues, the breakfast line we all love and enjoy will be shut down for good. Feldpausch noted that she comes here every day excited to serve us, and most of us are respectful. However, it's just a few people that are ruining the breakfast line for the rest of us. As Lancers, we are expected to follow the Lancer Way, yet we’re stealing juice boxes? We can do better as a student body, so let’s do it.

Feldpausch is a very down-to-earth person who has a good heart, and she wants the best for us. She treats us all with respect, and we should reciprocate. The breakfast line is free, the juice boxes are free, and even the honey buns are free. Considering all of these free commodities, we should stop stealing and enjoy the things we’re given.

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