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The Cake Auction was Kinda Mid

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Alright y'all, I went to the cake auction to review the cakes. Absolutely thrilling journalism, I know. Now before I get into the ratings, I will note, all of this is opinion. I am also very biased because I helped make the Cross Country cake (best cake).

First of all, all of the cakes were wrapped. I did not like this because I could barely even see them! I understand hygiene and sanitary-ness are necessary, but it still killed my vibe.

brown, red, and green cake with gift cards on top.
5th place subway cake

Number 5 on the list of cakes I’m ranking goes to the Subway and Cody Road Cake. This one gets last on the list because it is a professional cake. Sure, it looked good, but that’s literally the point. I’m pretty sure that if I was a professional cake maker I could pull it off too. The main component that allows the Subway cake to even be ranked was the fact that it had gift cards on top. Whoever bought the cake also got free money! Because of this, the Subway cake gets ranked 5th.

Very tall cake with orange basketball on it.
My 4th Place Cake Rating

Varsity Boys Basketball. A 4th place cake if I’ve ever seen one! This was also a professional cake, which drastically impacted its rating. I mean, it had a basketball on it, which puts it above the Subway cake for creativity. I liked the candy around it, that was a nice touch. On the other side of things, it wasn’t really screaming Willy Wonka at me—which was the whole theme! Like if a professional cake was made, it could have at least fit in the theme!

Oh, third place . . . I award third place to the dance team. This is the first non-professional cake I am rating, and I was pretty impressed. As you can see in the photo, it’s got disco balls, it’s got tiny babies, and it’s got a golden ticket! What more could be desired?! For only having two tiers, I thought that it was put together pretty well and I appreciated the air of simplicity about it. Now you may be saying, “Ava! You gave this cake rave reviews! What could be better than this one?” To that I say, just read on.

I have a secret to confess. I forgot to write down whose cake this was. After a bit of investigation by Mr. Chapman, Mrs. Henningsen informed us that it was the boy's wrestling team. They did a great job! I award this cake a solid second place. It has a clear tier filled with gumballs which like—what!! That’s so epic. This cake does raise some questions about stability. Is the clear layer completely filled? That has got to be heavy. It makes me slightly suspicious. The colors were cool though, and it had a Willy Wonka hat on the top which was a good touch. Also, it was an amateur cake, so I was thoroughly impressed at how complex it was.

And first place goes to. . . THE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. I know, I know, absolutely nobody is surprised. I did warn you. Anyways, this cake was simply immaculate. The boulders? Cake Balls. Gum Drops? Everywhere. I just know that cake was delicious. Kate Jost baked the actual cakes themselves, strawberry flavored of course. We had a vision for this cake and it absolutely went south. On the plus side, I think it still looks great. it has a chocolate waterfall which is a direct reference to Willy Wonka. What more could the aspiring cake buyer wish for?

Thus concludes my ranking of five cakes from the cake auction. There were some really great cakes and some that weren’t my favorite. Overall, I think that the cake auction is a cool thing that North Scott does, and the actual auctioneers are always a good touch.

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Feb 03, 2023

Good morning, I actually made the wrestling cake, and I thought I would answer your question, the layer of gumballs was mostly full, it had over 3 lbs of gumballs in it! The cake was extremely heavy.

Sean Chapman
Sean Chapman
Feb 07, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! Great cake!

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