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The Case of the Missing Erasers

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Recently there’s been some issues with keeping classroom doors locked. Many teachers use erasers to keep the doors cracked open so students can get into the classroom without disrupting class. Now, eraser populations are dwindling, so what exactly is going on?

North Scott has always been adamant about safety within our schools, so it’s no surprise that open doors started to be a problem. However, my main confusion is why now? As a senior, I’ve been used to open doors since freshman year. Depending on the teacher, the door would be open all class. Most commonly, teachers use the erasers during passing periods and a few minutes after to let students come in without having to keep going over to open the door. Other teachers allow students to move the eraser while they go to the restroom or locker, and then remove it once they get back.

Now, this particular method of rule enforcement is not well liked among teachers and students. Some teachers have made up the name, “Snatching Jack” for the student corrections officer Jack Schwertnan. I looked to find some thoughts from the staff. The general feeling was this: this is an educational system, not a correctional facility. The way that administrators went about enforcing this rule is more of a punishment and less of a solution. It seems like punitive measure, and there is backlash from more than just the staff.

There are a few reasons why students are against closed doors. The never-ending job of walking to the door to let someone in is a task we all dread. It’s unfair that the student who was assigned the seat closest to the door is now stuck being constantly distracted in class to get up and let a student in. It’s difficult to do and difficult to watch. I hate leaving the classroom because knocking on the door disrupts the class. Even if you try and do it quietly, everyone is going to turn and watch you walk in. A student coming in quietly and removing the eraser distracts no one, including the unlucky student.

Despite the outcry, it’s working. Doors are being and remaining closed during class time. The days of letting yourself back in are over.

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