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The Everyday Struggles of Parking

Do you feel like this year we've been having a big issue with school parking? Lately, there seems to be a daily complication this year where it’s getting harder and harder to find just one parking spot; making students have to park across the street. So, why is this suddenly a bigger issue this year? I remember all of my other years of high school where I didn’t have this problem. I had a couple open blocks my junior year, and I would leave and come back and there were still plenty of places to park even if I arrived 10 minutes before class began. Now though it seems almost impossible to find a spot with my class schedule.

Honestly, I think from the beginning of this year we can all admit we blamed the freshman for parking where they weren't supposed to which is still 100% true, but I think the real issue with our parking is the fact that our parking lots are simply too small for the amount of students we have here at North Scott. With the limited number of parking spots, it seems as though its turned into a race on who gets the good spots and who has to park across the street everyday and there should definitely be more enforcement with making sure the freshmen are actually parking in their assigned area. We already struggle with limited parking spots and it’s not fair that upperclassmen have to park across the street just because the others don’t like walking in the cold. My reasoning for saying this is as a senior, I have open blocks or days where I don’t have to be at school till later but now because of this issue, during open block I end up just sitting in my car waiting for my next class, so that I don’t lose my parking spot.

Another conflict with school parking is the fact that since our school is starting to get into the normal groove again, all the online students are coming back as well. With online students coming back, it’s caused more chaos with trying to find a parking spot everyday which can be really stressful and frustrating especially for upperclassmen who are annoyed with the fact that in order to get a parking spot, you have to be here 15-20 minutes early before the bell rings. So, what is something that could solve all of this? Like I briefly mentioned before, I think enforcement with keeping the freshmen in their assigned areas would be the best permanent option just because of the fact that they are new drivers and it’s fair that way for everyone else, and it definitely helps calm down the chaos in our parking lots. Another solution would be new parking spots for the students. We as students should not have to be worrying about if we will find a parking spot, or if we have to park farther away off school grounds. So, maybe one day, donations could be collected for North Scott parking expansion and future generations will have one less thing to worry about.

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