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The Fall of Antonella's

For all those who were super invested after my stellar review of Antonella’s, I have some bad news. The 3rd street Antonella’s, the one we know and love, the one with the fantastic window display, the one with the red white and blue chair, has closed its doors after 21 years. I didn’t even realize until this week when I walked past it and it was empty. Apparently it closed on Sunday, February 13, and not by choice either. The owner of the building has decided he wants to do something else with the space after 21 years. What this “something else” will be hasn’t been specified, and all I’ve seen is an empty building. But hey, it’s not my place to judge, even if they shut down the beloved restaurant of my childhood.

While I’m sure it doesn’t quite have the charm of the 3rd street Antonella’s, there is another location in the Freight House. I don’t believe it has their seasonal display windows, but it does have their delicious food. I have never been to that location, but I might have to check it out now! Owner Giovan Sgro says they hope to open a second location in the future. He also says to the KWQC news “I would appreciate everybody in the Quad Cities and surrounding the best support through all these years, that have been loyal to us here in this location especially. I’m really upset I gotta close down and leave. I’ve made a lot of friends out of it. They’re just not customers anymore. They’ve just become friends for so many years.” Horrible situation.

Anyways, Antonella’s is dead, long live Antonella’s.

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