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The Most Popular Fortnite Skins

Video Games have been a significant form of entertainment for teens and adults since the 1970s, constantly evolving with better visuals and gameplay. One of the most popular games in the past decade is Fortnite. Epic Games released it in the summer of 2017 and is one of the most popular battle royale games right now. One of the in-game features is the item shop: a place where you can purchase virtual skins and cosmetics. But what is the most popular skin? I conducted a school survey where I gave students 10 skins to pick from, out of these 10 they could only choose one. We received 140 responses and I will be showing you the five most popular skins in Fortnite. 

5. Fishstick 

Fishstick is a rare rarity skin that can be purchased for 1,200 V-bucks and was released in December of 2018. The skin is an iconic one and is even apparent in the video game's storyline. 14.1% voted Fishstick as their favorite skin in Fortnite.

4. Fish Thicc

Fish Thicc is an epic rarity skin that was only obtainable through Chapter Four: Season Four Battle Pass. It was released last year in August and was only available for a limited time. Appearance-wise, we can tell he and Fishstick are related somehow. He is rated fourth most popular with a vote of 15.3% of the school.

3. Calamity

Calamity is a legendary rarity skin, it was only attainable through purchasing the season six Battle Pass. This a very loved skin due to the customization features the skin offers. Although the skin came out years ago, many still use the skin even to this day. 17.4% of the school voted her as their favorite skin. 

2. Travis Scott

Travis Scott is an icon series skin, which is usually skin that is based on celebrities in real life, is singular skin costs 1,500 Vbucks. What makes it so special is it has not been seen in over 500 days, so many fans are anticipating his return. 17.4% voted for him and he only won by one more vote.

  1. Chun Li

And the number one most popular Fortnite skin is Chun Li, with a whopping 18.1%. Her Skin is a gaming legends series set that takes inspiration from other popular video games. The skin costs 1,600 Vbucks individually and has two edit styles.  As well as she has not been seen in the shop in over 500 days! 

That wraps up the list, were you surprised; Were there any skins missing? Check out the graph for more information!

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