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The Nightmare Before Prom

Damage done to my prom dress

One fine evening, Friday, May 5th to be exact, I was ecstatic to be on my way home from my only class that day, completely unaware of the horror I would face when I arrived home. I pulled into the driveway of my split-foyer home in Park View, opened the garage, and began to vacuum my car out as part of my typical Friday routine. Still completely unaware of the terror actively occurring in my bedroom, I parked my car and headed inside to begin my preparations for Saturday, Riverdale’s prom. As I walk up the stairs, typically both of my cats are standing at the top to greet me, but only Thea was there. This wasn’t that strange; however, it was strange enough for me to keep a mental note of it. As I walk back towards my room, the door shut, I hear some sort of chaos. I opened the door and to my dismay, Athena, my other cat, was swinging from my prom dress like Tarzan in the coastal jungles of Africa. I instantly panicked as Riverdale’s prom was THE NEXT DAY and I had to have a green dress to match my date and the flowers. I screamed at Athena and threw her off the dress, but it was too late. The beautiful satin emerald green Windsor dress was destroyed.

Thea (left) and Athena (right)

I needed a solution, and I needed one quick. With close to nothing in my checking account I set off for NorthPark Mall. I first checked Dillard's, nothing green and surely nothing in my size. Devastated and overwhelmed with anxiety, I then directed my mission to Windsor. Hopes were low on the long trek from Dillard's to Windsor, but I pressed on; I was not letting Athena defeat my plans for the weekend. As I entered the threshold and passed through the gates of Windsor, I spotted emerald green in the back of the store. Frantically searching for my size in literally anything, I found one single dress, size small, in emerald green. I then checked the price tag and I couldn’t believe it, ONLY $44.95. This was a miracle as my Friday allowance was only $50 and I had already asked for more money earlier in the week. The success I had at NorthPark almost made me forget about the terror I faced at home, but how could I be upset with Athena. My problem was solved AND the cashier gave me a dress bag to protect the new dress!

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1 Comment

Sarah Grimesey
Sarah Grimesey
May 10, 2023

I love the drama of these descriptions! Fun read.

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