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The Perfect Destination to Travel to on Spring Break

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Trying to find somewhere to go for spring break is a difficult decision for every family. There are many great places around the country to visit and experience a different culture. My family and friends' favorite place to travel to is Mexico. Mexico has an abundance of all-inclusive resorts that are family-friendly or only for adults. The resorts provide a variety of entertainment, food, relaxation, and excursions outside the resort. When deciding where to go for spring break next year, Mexico would be an excellent option to consider.


With my family, I’ve been to Mexico five times and have enjoyed every resort we’ve been to. The food at each resort varies but each offers a variety of different choices. For example, there’s been Mexican, Italian, steakhouses, Chinese, buffets and hibachis, etc. However, the availability of getting into a restaurant differs based on the resort. Some resorts have reservations for their restaurants, while others are first come first serve. Nevertheless, the food is amazing and in the worst-case scenario is worth the wait. My favorite food down there is the fruit because it’s freshly cut and put out to eat. Including that several restaurants will cook your food right in front of you relying on what you choose to eat.


Most people come to Mexico for the warm weather and the fantastic beach, which is the most relaxing part. The resorts are beautifully designed and structured to meet your needs. Most resorts provide comfortable beach chairs, cabanas, and shaded sitting areas by the beach and pools. There’s always a spot to relax and take in the sun. In smaller resorts, it may be more difficult to get chairs by the pool or beach, so waking up early and claiming them would make it not an issue. However, with big resorts, there’s usually always open seating on the beach or pools, but again, going early to get specific chairs would make it easier to get them. Despite that, the weather down there is so beautiful and it’s just realizing feeling that weather compared to Iowa’s cold weather.


The resorts carry out a lot of entertainment and activities, but you can also do other activities outside the resort. Like as snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, zip-lining, ATVs, extended boat rides, etc. Every resort offers these extra activities that you can experience. They do require you to bring extra cash to do these specific activities, but they are very enjoyable and provide a new experience.

Overall, the all-inclusive resorts in Mexico are a great place to travel and stay for spring break. The workers are always friendly and help you with anything you may need. The weather, beach, food and stunning scenery, and resort are what make you wanna stay there forever.

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