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The Scandal at Post Prom . . .

After bussing down the most astonishing tricks on the prom boat on Saturday, Brooklyn Strief, North Scott High Schools voted “class clown,” happily makes her way to post prom. All was well as she entered the Junior High with the friend group. We stopped at the bags tourney and tattoo station and even made some buckets on the basketball court. Everything was going great until… Her phone went missing. One may ask, how could you lose one of the most important things? Well, with Brooklyn running around attempting every station at post-prom, it was easy to lose and hard to trace back her steps. With the fun we were having, there wasn’t a time we were looking down at our phones. Not to mention we took all of our prom pictures on her phone. She was kind of screwed.

Sydney Westendorf going above and beyond to find Brooklyn's phone

It was 2 am, almost time to leave. We were still waiting for a sign of Brooklyn’s phone. It was nowhere to be found. With the help of the Post Prom staff, we all scavenged the gyms and cafeteria, but still, nothing. It came time to leave, and the doors were locked up; Brooklyn had to leave her baby at the Junior High. But Brooklyn wasn’t worried about her $1,000 device going missing and was more concerned about something else.

“I was feeling quite worried that I would be late to posting on Instagram” -- Brooklyn explains

My texts with Brooklyn's mom

These are understandable words coming from Brooklyn. We love a social media queen! But her phone was still on the loose as she had to leave it stranded at the school. Brooklyn’s mom was quite worried when she wasn’t receiving any texts or seeing her location paused at the Junior High. Molly, her mom, texted me to ensure her daughter was safe, but my phone was dead, so I couldn’t respond. . . it was becoming a mess. Would Brooklyn ever find her phone? Would I ever find a charger to report back to her mom?!

We got to Anna's house, and I plugged in my phone; I received the texts and made sure to text Molly and send her a picture that Brooklyn was thriving! The next day came, and Brooklyn was still phoneless. It had been 22 hours, and since she was last on her phone, she went to the junior high to meet up with one of the high school’s favorite staff, Nate, and search again. One last check in the gym and Brooklyn sees something on the back corner emergency exit door. She sprints over there to see her long-lost phone. It’s a miracle! It was found after 22 hours! Brooklyn would like to give a massive shoutout to Nate for his fantastic work and for helping her find her baby (her phone). She was eventually able to post on Instagram and left us with some flawless pictures; she wasn’t late at all! With Brooklyn being a teen in today’s society, it is quite hard to stay away from our devices for a couple of minutes. Therefore, I asked how Brooklyn felt about spending three miles away from her phone for 22 hours. Her response:

“I felt very organic and natural, like the olden days”--Brooklyn
Brooklyn's post!!

Well, that’s a positive to take out of this experience. Even though it was quite a mess prom night, Brooklyn had a great time and eventually found her phone!

Check out this awesome pic Brooklyn was thankful to post!

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