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The Stanley Cup Fascination and Future Water Bottle Trends

Updated: Mar 28

The Stanley Cup Tumbler, we all know, was not created in the last year, Stanley has been around since 1913. Originally the Stanley brand targeted outdoorsmen as their consumers and was doing just fine in sales. CNBC reported that Stanley was averaging $70 million in sales until they started to rise in 2020, projecting a total of $750 million in 2023. 

Linley Hutchinson, Ashlee LeSueur and Taylor Cannon– founders of a popular podcast review: The Buy Guide– were initially the ones to fall in love with Stanleys. In November of 2017, The Buy Guide changed the course of the Stanley Cup brand. The tumbler itself was not a priority at the time compared to their other water bottles on the market and since the blog, the production could not project their overall sales and unexpectedly sold out. Taking a huge risk to either cancel production of the quencher or prioritize it was detrimental to the business; Stanley ordered to make 10,000 quenchers and sold out in four days. The Stanley Cup was now being marketed to a whole different group of people.


Stanley cups have become collector items, releasing new colors and special holiday-themed cups, and consumers are always wanting more. Part of the Stanley fascination comes with its popularity. Many students, teachers, nurses, and influencers walk around with their two-pound water bottles and think they are superior because they are with the trends. Suddenly, water bottles that are now $40 have become collector items costing hundreds of dollars for a limited edition cup.

“Currently, the pink, 40-ounce Stanley x Starbucks Target exclusive Quencher is going for $240”-- Alex Abad-Santos

I was walking through Target just before Christmas with my sister, both of us had our Stanley Cups, and she bolted towards the back of the store looking for an Owala. I had no clue what she was talking about till I saw her turn around holding another water bottle with the biggest grin on her face. Already, numerous peers of mine have ditched the Stanley and bought this new water bottle, just as my sister did. It made me think about the Hydroflask trend when I was in junior high and how EVERYONE had to have one of them… and now we’re already almost over the Stanley too.

How long will we, yes; I'm calling myself out, continue to buy "lifetime guaranteed" water bottles and only use them for a few months? 

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