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The Super Bowl No One Wanted

Well football fans, it’s happening. We have to deal with Taylor Swift in the Super Bowl. Now if you don’t pay much attention to the NFL or the Kansas City Chiefs, you may be asking yourself: what’s so wrong with T-Swift in the Super Bowl? Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE her music but to football fans, it gets really annoying when the broadcast (that’s supposed to be showing us the football game) is showing Taylor 834 times a game for the smallest reasons. Yeah, we get it, she’s probably the most popular spectator at the game during the regular season but showing her every chance you get is a bit much.

 the Chiefs have been to the Super Bowl four times and made the AFC championship game six straight years.

Another reason that no one wanted this Super Bowl is because the Chiefs have been in the Super Bowl three out of the last four Super Bowls and this exact Super Bowl matchup happened in 2020 when the Chiefs destroyed the 49ers and it wasn’t even a good game. Now I don’t really dislike the Chiefs or the 49ers, it just gets super boring watching the same teams every year play for the Super Bowl. In fact, since Patrick Mahomes became the starting quarterback for the Chiefs in 2018, the Chiefs have been to the Super Bowl four times and made the AFC championship game six straight years. It would just be nice if the NFL scriptwriters would change up the script a little bit. 

The third and final reason that no one wanted this super bowl is because neither of the teams really deserved it. The 49ers were losing to the seven seeded Green Bay Packers until about a minute left and only won because they missed a field goal. Then again the very next week they were losing against the Lions until late in the game. Now for the Chiefs, they only beat the Bills because of a missed field goal, however they did handle the number one seeded Baltimore Ravens pretty easily. 

With all that being said, I do believe that it will be a great game to watch and could go down to the wire. This article was mainly a joke so all you 49ers and Chiefs fans, please don’t get mad.🙏

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