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There's a Girl I Know by Anonymous

There’s a Girl I Know

There’s a girl I know.

A girl who strives for perfection,

And believes she never achieves it.

She’s a girl who’s life is like a glass

Filled to the brim with water

Not quite overflowing.

Not until her silent tears




Into the water,

Which is now tainted with her troubles.

But nobody seems to notice

How her life is slowly being replaced

By her struggles to be perfect,

Even though the puddle of water

Forced out of her glass

Is screaming to be seen.

There’s a girl I know.

A girl who feels eyes staring at her,

Anticipating her next accomplishment.

She’s like the strings of her piano;

You may hear a graceful ballad,

But you don’t see how violently

the mallets hit her.

She’s like the bow of her violin.

With every elegant note,

A part of her is stripped away.

She’s like a house of cards,

Her stack of achievements growing high,

But they’re bound to tumble over,

Because their foundation is slowly crumbling,

Breaking from the weight of everyone's expectations.

There’s a girl I know.

A girl who either hides from a mirror

Or is glued to it,

Sucking in her stomach

And criticizing what she sees.

She’s the kind of girl who dreads her workout,

But scolds herself for skipping a day.

She’s like a glass window,

Her insecurities like a fierce wind

That never lets up.

With each criticism,

A new crack forms in the window,

And someday soon,

The wind is going to break through

Causing the glass to shatter.

There’s a girl I know.

A girl who shows a remarkable resemblance

To me.

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