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Tips for Incoming Freshmen

You are at the beginning of your high school year, worried about how you are going to maintain a routine. It becomes simple over time after getting the hang of your natural routine. Involvement in activities will help you keep your items organized in multiple locations including lockers. Being involved in activities or electives may also give you the benefit to make you feel more included in the school.

It is important to keep your items in the locker that you will be closest to or go past at the end of the day if you have somewhere to be. This is because storing things in a nearby locker will help you get out of the school faster at the end of your school day before getting caught up in traffic.

Having time management skills is a must; being overwhelmed by school work is not fun. It may be tough to keep up on every assignment and that’s why having time management skills will help you with organization and establishing your priorities first.

Good connection and communication with teachers and peers can help you accomplish your tasks more understandably. Remember that you can always ask for help when needed and feeling stuck is a temporary feeling with an easy solution that some teachers at North Scott will be more than welcomed to help out with.

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