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Tired of getting the same drink at sips? try these!

Energy drinks and coffee have become essential to high school students today. Look around you, I am sure you could spot multiple students that have any sort of drink on their desk. With the immense amount of coffee shops nearby, one of the hot spots of Eldridge is Sips Coffee Shop. This is my 4th year of being a barista at Sips Coffee and personally, I am a huge energy drink girl. So here are the most popular drinks that are sold at Sips and my personal favorites today.


  1. Pinky Floyd 

One of our reigning energy drinks that is insanely popular is the Pinky Floyd. The Pinky Floyd contains the flavors strawberry, watermelon, and white chocolate. Many people also add flavors to this classic drink, including pineapple or raspberry. This energy drink has the perfect mixture of our fruity flavors with a hint of white chocolate to pull it all together.

2. Sips Mocha

For those who are not a huge fan of energy drinks, this coffee is a classic and one of the top favs of this coffee shop. If you could not tell by the name, this drink is our signature coffee and one of my personal favorites. This drink consists of a white chocolate latte topped with caramel drizzle. Personally, I am a sucker for caramel drizzle and top it on most of my coffees or chais. It is the perfect combination of cold brew, white chocolate, and caramel and is high on my recommendation list. For those who enjoy coffee, I say give it a try.

3. Vanilla Chai

This drink is for those who don’t like coffee or energy drinks, but still enjoy getting a bev every once in a while:) For those who don’t know, chai is a mix of spices that create a sweet tea-like drink. Personally, I believe that it tastes like Christmas in a cup. Oftentimes, people also get alternative milk like oat milk or coconut milk. There are also loads of flavors you can add to your chai, our most popular being vanilla. Overall, it is worth a try.

Now if you do not think you would enjoy these options, we also have lemonade, creams, and hot chocolate freezes that are just as popular! With those, it is also fun to combine different flavors to make any drink you would like!

Now onto my personal favorites!


Over the four years I have been a barista, I often like to try new things, and my favorites change, but here are a couple of drinks that have remained a staple for me.

  1. Fav Energy Drink

I am a big energy drink fan so one of my personal favorites at the moment is an energy drink with pomegranate, mango, strawberry, and white chocolate. To order, you just have to list the flavors. This is one of my most highly recommended drinks that everyone should try.

 2. Fav Chai

I am also a big fan of chai and I enjoy trying different flavors and combinations to see what I like best. My current favorite is a Christmas cookie chai with oat milk, vanilla cold foam, and caramel drizzle (and no sprinkles). Now I know this is a mouthful to say but I am pretty high maintenance and like to have the extra flavor of cold foam in my drinks😁 The Christmas cookie chai is a salted caramel and cookie dough with espresso. I enjoy having that extra flavor and boost of caffeine in my chai. Definitely a must-try if you have a sweet tooth!

Overall, you can pretty much mix and match any drink to create something you like! Whether it is adding new flavors, boba, or cold foam. I hope at least one of these drinks stood out to you so you can try something new next time you stop by!

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