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Top Three School Lunches

Eating school lunches for the past three and a half years has made me think about my favorite lunches. I struggled to come down to my top three. After a week, I created a solid list. This is my opinion, but I’m sure many of you will agree.

In Third Place:

The school max sticks are my top three. They are delicious with warm cheese and a side of marinara sauce. It's more of a snack because it doesn't fill me up all the way, but it always brings me joy.

Second Place:

My second favorite lunch is the crispitos. They are Mexican food with beef in the middle and cheese sauce to dip them in. It is super tasty, and a side of chips always completes the meal! They look nasty if you judge the picture; trust me, they taste delicious. I recommend trying these if you haven’t.

First Place

Lastly, the best school lunch North Scott has is chicken alfredo. This lunch is my go-to on Fridays because it comes with tasty alfredo and even has a side of garlic bread. The garlic bread is delicious when you dip it into the alfredo. This is the number one spot because it fills me up when I am starving. No need for a snack to be added along; this meal has you covered!

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