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Tribute to my Dogs

Updated: May 18, 2023

On Monday, May 1st, at around 1:30pm, my three dogs were attacked in our own backyard. My smallest dog, Puff, was picked up by two bully breed types in our backyard. He was used to play tug of war by them and was pulled down to the creek at the bottom of our yard. My two larger dogs, Cooper and Paris, then went down to protect Puff.

My girlfriend and several neighbors and joggers ended up retrieving our dogs from the creek. The level of kindness from random strangers that day was something I've been thankful for and amazed by. Due to those people, my family was all able to say goodbye to our pets before they were gone.

They all were taken to two Animal Hospitals in Eldridge and each passed away hours apart during the evening and night. The two dogs who attacked were deemed hostile and euthanized. A recent work on the North Scott Press was misprinted with some incorrect information; My girlfriend was not the owner of the two hostile dogs.

It's pretty terrible--it sucks that it happened, and it sucked that's how they died. But that's not what I'm writing about.

I'm sharing all the best parts of them while alive. Cooper is my nine year old Border Collie. He's very passive and non-confrontational. His favorite toys are his donuts, which he has four of. His nose is very long, so hen he stares he has a very funny face. When you're petting Cooper, he assumes the position of a horse, standing perfectly still and facing forward.

We got Puff two years later. He is a Pomeranian and his name stems from his intense puffiness when his hair is grown out. I was very young--don't judge. Puff is at the top of the totem pole of our dogs, a literal tiny terror. He's mean, bossy, and doesn't take shit from anyone. Despite his attitude, he loves to be petted and snuggled and will scratch you if you stop. Cooper and Puff are THE duo; they've been brothers for a long time and still play together despite their size difference.

Paris we got during COVID. She's our Australian Shepherd rescue. There's no better way to put this; she is a bitch. She's mean, and fights with Cooper occasionally when he has the audacity to exist next to her. Over the years she's gotten much better, and we had gotten to a point where it had almost stopped all together. Because of her bad attitude, she gets to drag around her pink leash to slow her down. These three are still a band of misfits, who look nothing alike and yet patrol the backyard as a posse.

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