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"Turning Red" Overview!

Disney’s Pixar is back at it again and releasing another film! ‘Turning Red’ is a cute, animated film directed towards teenagers with topics including periods and sexuality. You could say it’s a modern day version of sexual education revolving puberty. This film was created for the purpose to represent and educate people about what girls go through during their periods. To say ‘Turning Red’ was creative would be a huge understatement.

The main character, Mei Lee, a 13 year old girl, struggles with the hardship of maintaining an image set by her strict mother and wanting to possess the freedom that her fellow peers have. This young Asian possesses the curse of turning into a red panda once her first period starts. The curse, being passed down through several generations, has the chance to be broken; however, on the exact same day as a concert Mei Lee wants to go to. The movie follows Mei Lee around as she experiences her first ‘red panda’, a flurry of new emotions, and her first taste of teenage rebellion.

While "Turning Red" has several positive reviews, many negative reviews came about as well, given the themes based around this movie. A vast majority of parents are displeased with the actions of the 13 year old girl. Actions such as lying, sneaking out, and exploring her sexuality by gaining romantic attraction to boys. Other parents are on edge over the discussion of periods and sexual education.

To combat the critics, child psychiatrists and doctors believe the movie would help children learn more about taboo topics, like periods. Sexual education is already 30 years behind in updating information. As education continues to change and expand, adolescent experts are hopeful this Pixar movie will change our sexual education and discussions through our youth.

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