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Two of Our Favorite Teachers are Retiring

Two North Scott teachers who have been a part of our high school for a long time have finally decided to retire. The two teachers leaving North Scott High School are Mr. Braack and Mrs. Mentzer.

Mr. Braack has been teaching at North Scott for 30 years and has taught thousands of students. His favorite memory over the years is the feeling of starting a new school year each August. Mr. Braack enjoyed wondering what the year and a new group of students will bring. However, he felt like it was the right time to retire and do other activities he hasn’t been able to do throughout the school year. Although he’s retiring, he will “definitely miss the great students that I have had in my classes and getting to know all of them. I will also miss the potlucks that the teachers have during the school year. Some good food!” Mr. Braack doesn’t have any set plans after he retires but would like to visit friends from college and be able to do whatever whenever he wants.

Mrs. Mentzer has decided to retire this year as well but for different reasons. She explains her parents are getting older and live several states away, and she wants to be able to help them out when needed. Mrs. Mentzer has been here for 10 years. Before coming to North Scott she taught at five different schools over a 19-year timespan, one even being in France! Her favorite memory occurred at the University of Iowa when seeing a former North Scott Student. Mrs. Mentzer says, “A few years ago, I went to Iowa for a football game. I stood in line at the concession stand, and when I reached the counter, I saw that the girl on the other side of the counter was a former student of mine. When she looked up and saw that it was me, she jumped over the counter to give me a hug. Then she told everyone else in line that they needed to get in another line so she could talk to me -- and they all did -- and no one complained! One even told me that I must have been a good teacher to get a hug like that.” All in all, Mrs. Mentzer is going to miss her colleagues, students, and the laughs each day. She doesn’t quite know the plans for the future but knows she’ll be helping her parents, volunteering, spending more time with her family and dog, and subbing (so she’s not completely going away!).

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