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Two Poems by Skyler Holdorf

"My First Love"

Months can go back

But the days we had can never fall off track

I meant what I said when I say those three words

“Do I take them back?” No because any moment there can be a turn

All those days on the bus

Looking back it hurts that it’s all in thin dust

Yea I miss those memories it’s hard and I can barely believe I let u go, and u fell like a single leaf

Back at the day when I first feel in-love

It was hard to believe that u had my trust

We where looking at art at the Figge

But then I thought it would be tricky

I felt you wouldn’t like me

So I felt and saw it all as a dream

Few weeks later we where together

We where supposed to last forever

then we drifted our own ways

It hurt but I knew god would bring better days

All I’ve been hoping is for another shot

But I miss every-time I guess I’m late like the clock

I moved on when I should’ve stayed

Now each and every day I pray

I miss your groovy and goofy face

It’s hard to know we went separate ways

Love is a hard turn

But when I said those three words

“I love you” just know I meant each and every word

Your my first and I’m sad I let that go

I wish I could go back and make things glow

God brought us together and I guess he lost a win

I wish to go back all over again


I see your happy,

Each n every day

There’s always a smile on that face

But here I am, you hurt me

You seemed to move on so quickly

Now, one by one, each day goes by

Somebody saw u with her last night

You gave me your word

Don't worry about her”

You might lover her now

But you loved me first

You said you’d never hurt me

But here I am the one with scars

Then I look at you

So “happy”

Then I look in the mirror

And I finally see


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