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Two Teachers Saying Goodbye to North Scott High School

Two teachers that are fairly new to our high school will not be returning in the fall. Sadly, Mr. Shepard and Ms. Cernetich, will not be coming back to the high school. Both teachers are moving to different schools for the next school year.

Mr. Shepard has been the food teacher for two years, yet could not pass up an offer at the junior high. He has decided to fill the PE position at the junior high that needed to be filled after Mr. Kreiter’s retirement. Several years ago, Mr. Shepard got his first job as a PE teacher and enjoyed that experience. Although he’s leaving our high school, his favorite memories are seeing his students succeed in the kitchen using their new skills. Mr. Shepard will miss the relationships he built with his students and staff members. He states, “I am going to miss seeing my first set of students go through their last two years of high school from afar and not inside the building.” His plans for the upcoming school years are to continue to work in the district and coach wrestling, football, and track.

Ms. Cernetich has also been teaching here for two years in the English department. Before coming here, she attended St. Ambrose and graduated in 2021. She claims, "I got the full experience! I was both a student and student teacher during covid and got to teach in-person, online, and hybrid." Ms. Cernetich's favorite memory each year of teaching is the courtroom day of To Kill a Mockingbird in Unit 1 of English 4. She loved seeing her students in costume and getting into their roles. Additionally, she enjoyed moving her desks to make her classroom look like a courtroom and teaching her seniors the roles and parts of a trial. It teaches them a good deal of real-life skills. She's going to miss her students the most, and watching them grow and mature all the way up to graduation. Unfortunately, she will miss out on her younger students finishing high school and graduating but hopes to stay connected! Next school year she will be teaching at Wood Junior High in Davenport. Although she's leaving, she is excited to stay around the area and teach a fun-aged group.

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