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Video Games: are they Problematic?

A black-and-white photo of two adults playing an artificial table-tennis game on a TV.
The first ever video game, "Pong"

Video games haven’t been around that long, but the ever-evolving community of developers make gaming a huge part of our lives as people born in the 1990s and on. If you game just one hour a day, you spend almost three years of your life gaming. It doesn’t sound that insane, but think about the people that spend upwards of five hours daily playing video games.

According to a survey sent out, this could very well be the projected life of many students at North Scott. Over 70% of the student body plays video games at least three times a week, and 81% spend over three hours daily. Many students agree that video games have changed their life, with one student admitting that they are addicted to a specific video game that soothes their anxiety and ADHD.

“Genshin Impact is a great way for me to relax from school. The same goes with The Sims 4. I can always spend hours playing both.” -- Kaidance Ruser, Senior

A photo of an AI-Generated land; the character, who has long blonde hair, is overseeing a beautiful field overtop a cliff.
Gensin Impact Gameplay

I have a brother who plays video games all day, every day. They get excited when they complete a level or get a rare achievement. The dopamine will hit, then giving them the subconscious understanding that playing video games equals happiness. This gives them the okay to keep gaming. Another student claims they can’t even fathom where they would be in life because of their devotion to video games. Does this mean video games can become addictive? Yes, absolutely.

I don’t feel as if the students here are addicted to video games, but definitely dependent. Only 5% of respondents claimed to game for eight or more hours in one sitting at a time. This can be considered problematic for those students, simply for school or work purposes. Video game addiction affects up to 15% of gamers, and these can severely debilitate many people, including young children.

Gaming isn’t bad for kids, however if they are unsupervised or allowed to game for more than a few hours, this can create addictions and dependencies. Video games actually help a lot with hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and the ability to quickly process information.

Video games, inherently, are good for everybody. There are so many options: shooters, life simulations, sandbox, and so many more. Treat yourself to a new video game!

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