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What I'll Miss Most in High School

There are many things I hate about high school, like the overwhelming amount of homework, the late nights spent studying for hours on end, and the immense pressure to get good grades. However, there are also many things about high school that I'll miss and memories I’ll cherish forever. 

 Live in the moment and don’t take any of it for granted because it goes by faster than you will ever realize.

Times Spent with Friends

Every morning, my friends and I would sit in my car before school and talk about anything that came to mind or, sometimes, nothing at all. It was routine for us, and I’m sure it was routine for many of you other high schoolers. I will miss all of the times we would complain about how much we didn’t wanna go and joke about how we should skip and go get Starbucks. 

I had a lot of classes where I didn’t really know anyone that well, but I also had a few classes with some really good friends. Those were the classes that got me through the school year. The times we wouldn’t do anything but watch TV or talk when we were supposed to be doing our work, or laughing about something stupid and not taking anything seriously when we were partners for a project. 

Whether it was football games, basketball games, or halftime shows, my friends and I always had a fun time. Dressing up for themes and taking pictures with friends will always be my favorite part of it all. I will always miss those high school games where everyone got together to cheer for their school and support their friends.

I looked forward to those school days spent with friends every day, and now that high school is coming to an end, I’m realizing that it will all be only a memory—memories I will never forget.


There were many classes I hated and never wanted to return to, but what about the classes

that made school enjoyable? The first class that I loved was World Geography sophomore year, don’t get me wrong, I hated what was taught in that class, but it was always so fun because of the people that were in the class. I had that class with my best friend, so we didn’t learn much, but we were always laughing about something and ranting about the new daily drama or talking to the people who sat next to us. I always complained about how much I didn’t want to go and hear the teacher talk about something I didn’t necessarily care about (sorry, Mr. Lenze), but after the class was over, I missed all the fun times spent with my best friend.

Another class I’ll miss is Contemporary Journalism (every junior or sophomore should sign up, by the way). In this class, I spent most of my time writing my articles and talking to friends about what else would be fun to write about. We would have some free time which Gracie and I spent watching Dance Moms, talking, or listening to music. It was always so much fun!

Although there are many more, the last class I’ll talk about is sophomore year study hall. Study hall is where I first met my best friend, who is still my best friend even two years later. I remember when our table would always get yelled at for talking too loud, and all of the times we got zero work done because we spent the whole hour and twenty-minute class period ranting. 

The classes I got to spend with friends and the classes in which I made lifelong friends will always be my favorite part of high school. Thinking back to when I was actually in the class, I never thought I would miss it as much as I do. Never take those moments for granted. 

High School Dances

High school dances will always be a big part of my high school experience. TPing for homecoming will always be one of my favorite memories. Getting ready for dances was always fun – picking out outfits and getting ready with my friends. Then, walking into the decorated boat and gym always made it feel special. These dances were amazing times to hang out with friends, meet new people, and create memories. Whether it was laughing at stupid songs or dancing with my friends, each dance was unforgettable. As I move throughout life, I’ll always remember the friendships, fun, and excitement that high school dances brought.

The Last Days as a Senior

Senior year is something no one will understand until they are seniors. Senior Sunrise the morning before the first day of senior year, filling out college applications, senior prank night, and Senior Sunset on the last day of senior year. Many memories that only the seniors will know of. The last days as a senior are filled with many bittersweet moments, like when your teachers wish for you to have a good life instead of just a good summer because you won’t be returning as you have for the past four years. Returning your Chromebook that you’ve had for years and spent many hours watching movies during classes. Getting ready with your friends for your last school dance and trying to make the most out of it because you know that this moment will never come again. Sitting in your car for lunch with your friends realizing that this is the last time you will all be together in this spot at this time. It was always so exciting when it was finally coming to the end of the school year, and everyone couldn’t wait for summer to come, but now I find myself wishing for some of it back. I will always remember high school as some of the worst and best years of my life, but through it all, I will always miss the friendships shared and the memories gained. Live in the moment and don’t take any of it for granted because it goes by faster than you will ever realize.

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