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What's The Deal With North Scott's Track?

As most people from North Scott High School know, the football field, and track are in construction. The football field is changing from grass to turf, and a new track is being built. The main question is, “what will the boys and girls track teams do for practice and meets?” Luckily I run track myself, so I can answer all of those questions. Unfortunately, it is not the best condition for track and field this year due to all of these conditions.

Thankfully, both teams have a temporary solution to the track being torn up for practice, and meets!

Luckily the North Scott boys and girls track teams are able to practice with lanes 1, 2, and 8 being unavailable due to construction. As well as part of the track being torn out due to construction. This limits some of our harder workouts “unfortunately.” Due to the construction the middle schoolers got kicked off of the track for the high school teams, otherwise there would not be enough room for everyone. Fortunately, practices we can work with, but meets is a different story. 

With all the construction going on, some lanes being unavailable, and part of the track torn up clearly boys and girls track teams at North Scott can’t have any home meets. Which sucks for seniors. Luckily both teams are still able to host a home meet, just at an away location. The boys track teams “home meets” are held at Bettendorf High School. Thankfully, they let us use their track for our home meets, and senior night. Girls “home meets” are held at Assumption High School, and thankfully to them the girls team are still able to host a meet, and have a place to represent all of the seniors. 

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This is an unfortunate circumstance. At least you guys can still have "home" meets close to home.


Is there a schedule to see when this is supposed to be finished?

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