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What's up with Vision 2025?

I’ve seen the signs in lawns, and so have you. So what the heck is Vision 2025? It’s a proposal for the distribution of funding for the entire district in the next three years.

The proposed projects will begin in 2023 and 2024 and plan to be finished in 2025.

Their plan for ‘23 is to make additions to Alan Shepard Elementary School, giving it another classroom, and commons for both teachers and students.

Next is a regional innovation center, which will add career paths from construction, diesel, HVAC, and agriculture. These areas are common in Iowa, and are always in need of new and inspired students. Having these paths expands the variety within North Scott classes. The last idea for 2023 is improving the softball field and its counterparts.

That’s only the first half, more projects are planned for 2024 if North Scott is given the money. They want to make a high quality welding and metal lab for students interested in that industry. This building will have a classroom and office for a teacher, as well as plenty of space for students to work.

Moving to the junior high school, the plan is to renovate the music wing and a woodshop and extra classroom additions. This has plenty of opportunities for students to explore options before heading to high school.

Neil Armstrong is the next to get a renovation. The plan is to give the school another gymnasium along with more classrooms.

The final goal for 2024 is an improved Lancer stadium. The plan is to move the locker room and concessions underneath the home side bleachers. I assume there will also be improvements to the field itself.

The reason this project needs to be voted on is because it will cost 45 million dollars. $20 million comes from the district’s SAVE bonds, and the other $25 million will be from general bonds to be voted on. The date to vote is Tuesday, September 13 from 7am to 8pm at ANY of the following locations: Scott County Library in Eldridge, Princeton Community Center, and the Donahue fire station.

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Sep 13, 2022

thanks for this. i was so confused 😭

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