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What to do When You Change Your Mind About College One Month From Graduation

So after five years of having a pretty good idea of what you want to do, you realize it’s not actually what you want to do.

So now what? Graduation is in one month and you’re back to square one.

Let’s talk about now. This summer. Most importantly, you need a job. And a home. Apply apply apply! Sure, no one is hiring, and the job you work now is cutting hours, but that’s how it’s always been. I’ve been on Indeed everyday. Be careful though! Just because you need a job doesn’t mean you need to lower your standards for one. Pick a wage you want and don't go below it. Don't be afraid to decline because of that. My choice is $13/hr. Realistically, 30 hours a week at $13/hr with one roommate will suffice for me.

Speaking of roommates, do you have a living situation figured out? Don't feel pressured to move out at 18, especially if your parents are okay with you staying. Without a rent payment, you’ll be able to save much more money for things like a new car, an apartment, living expenses, and education. Similarly to a job, don't lower your standards for an apartment. The rent needs to be affordable for you at your wage. The location matters, the size matters, the layout matters. You’re going to be living here for years, make sure you actually like it.

Next, the future. After this summer what will you be doing? Most likely, you’ll start college in fall or 2024, so until then, work work work! But that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. Research colleges, take a look at scholarships and grants. What fields are you interested in? You have time to do this, but that doesn’t mean wait until the very last minute (like I’m doing!).

You don't need to know everything now. Hell, you don't have to know anything now. There’s more to this world than working, jobs, and careers. The time to be young is now. Find new hobbies, new skills, new interests. Let yourself have fun, get to know who you are, and that way you’ll know exactly what you want to do.

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