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Why is The North Scott YMCA Lying About Hourly Pay?

Some of you may be wondering how, what, and why the North Scott YMCA is lying to the public. I believe that the YMCA is lying to the public to make their sleeves “look better.” They also could be lying to try and bring more employees into the North Scott YMCA. The North Scott YMCA is specifically lying about their wages. The real question is why would the YMCA lie about how much they pay hourly to their employees, specifically in daycare. 

In the North Scott Press the North Scott YMCA said, “Stutting reminded the board that North Scott’s childcare workers are among the lowest paid in the district. He said that the YMCA pays $15 per hour minimum for childcare workers and is looking to increase its pay offering.” Off of this information people working in daycare at the YMCA should be making $15 an hour minimum. Unfortunately, they are lying about that wage and are not paying them $15 hourly. 

I interviewed someone that works in daycare at the North Scott YMCA. I asked them a series of questions such as: Do you work at the North Scott YMCA, how much do you make hourly, and how long have you worked at the YMCA. The interviewee’s answers to these questions were, “Yes, I work at the North Scott Y, I make $12 hourly, and I have worked here for one year.” Imagine your job saying in the North Scott Press that everyone makes $15, yet you make $3 less after working there for a whole year. Why would any job do this? Is it really just to make their sleeves look better?

Or will they actually make a change, and start paying everyone in daycare $15 like they said to the public, and what everyone should expect after reading the North Scott Press on Daycare. 

Personally I am hoping the North Scott YMCA will fix this, and start paying people the correct amount. I truly wonder why the YMCA would say they pay $15 minimum to the public when after working for a year they are only making $12. This should be fixed ASAP, and is definitely giving the North Scott Y a bad rep for future employees. With the Y saying that, and actually only making $12 there will probably be very few possible new employees until they fix this. Hopefully the North Scott YMCA fixes this, and gains some proper etiquette. 

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